Some time ago in 2018, a group of us were heading to Taiwan to visit the Taiwanese natives on the island. Yes, we went there and meet up with them.

Photo frame snapshot of the Taiwanese natives.

The Taiwanese native are having resemblance with the native people in other parts of Southeast Asian Countries including the Island of Borneo. Many people believed, as no proper studies on these people as far as I know, that the natives in Borneo island were the people migrating from the Taiwanese Island.

One of the common similarities that we experienced there was that they received their guests by offering wine made of rice. This is the old tradition among the natives on Borneo Island. The other notable similarity is the collection of human skulls. It seems that they practiced head hunting in those immemorial days.

Human Skulls as displayed in their Native Museum

Besides visiting the Taiwanese native land in the mountainous region of Taiwan, we were also shown many interesting and beautiful places in Taiwan.

Mountainous Scene in Taiwan Island.

Taiwan has a history related to the Chinese Nationalist politician that ran away to Taiwan….excerpt from the

Chiang Kai-shek ordered a secret operation to transport gold from the Central Bank to Taiwan on Nov. 30, 1948. In the middle of the night, 774 boxes full of gold were manually transported from the bank to the pier. These operations continued until May of the following year. One ship sank, resulting in a loss of US$60 million and bank staff, and another one was held hostage by officers who almost succeeded in fleeing with the money to South America.

One of the Chiang Kai Shek´s collections of Priced Car displayed at the Memorial Hall

Taiwan being a mountainous Islan has many waterfalls. These two waterfalls are one of the main attractions at their mountain tourist spots.

These two trays of menus can be found along the tourist lane in the mountainous region. They are perfect food items with some beers !.

In the City center or commercial places, I found that the Taiwanese love to BBQ Mushrooms. In almost all portable BBQ stalls you will see they placed mushrooms among other foods ready for BBQ or grill.

The tallest building in Taipei is Taipei 101. It is called Taipei 101 because the building has 101 stories. This building was officially classified as the world’s tallest from its opening in 2004 until the 2009 completion of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE. It has the fastest elevators that transport passengers to the top of the building, i.e from the 5th floor to the 89th floor, in 37 seconds. Those who are a phobia of height might feel want to vomit while taking the elevator.

There are two things very notable about Taiwan.

Firstly, as far as our tour is concerned, the river in the city, town or village cleanliness. You will not see any rubbish even the discarded drink packet, discarded drink can, or the discarded paper thrown into or inside the river. This shows how high the hygiene and discipline standards are among the Taiwanese.

Taiwanese clean river

Secondly, You will not be allowed to make noise or talk loudly while drinking in town, where there are residential areas at night. We were approached by the Police advising us not to talk louder while drinking (beer). Perhaps you can do that in an enclosed building.

Should there is an opportunity, I would like to visit Taiwan another time. Their marketplace is great.

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