Tasik Biru in Bau has a long history of some 200 years starting as a Gold Mine area. The first known Chinese from mainland china landed in Bau named Liu Shan Bang around 1820s, a Chinese Miner.

Summary of the History.

Tasik Biru
Nationalists arrived in Mau San (Bau Lama)
LIU SHAN BANG A Chinese miner who led the 12 Kongsi, perhaps in the modern days , they are called “Mafia”.
1872 Antimony production in 1872 and declined in the 1870s.
The uprising of Chinese miners against James Brooke due to the imposition of high taxes
Chinese miners massacre
The first use of cyanide to extract gold by Borneo Company Gold Mining in 1898.
Gold Peak Era The Peak Era of Gold was in 1920s.

Now, after some 200 years , the former gold mine pit has become a beautiful lake which turned into a famous tourist attraction.

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