From the outside, it just looks like an ordinary shop block, as well as the inside. However, what makes it interesting for the visitors, especially those who are on social media status updates, is a helping hand from those young guys working there will give you some unique and interesting.

Where it is located ?

It is located opposite a five-star Hilton Hotel address on Ground Floor, No.281-1-1, Lot 281, Section 48, KTLD, Block H, Taman Sri Sarawak Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman, Off, Jalan Borneo, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak.

This is what it looks like from the side front.

Upside Down House – Front side view

Is FREE Entrance?

Many people love something when it is free, without realizing what if he or herself doing any kind of business. Some like it dirt cheap pricing but luckily most know the meaning of business that someone needs to generate some money to pay for every expense to run the place.

The Entrance Fee is RM15 for Adults and RM10 for kids.

The first thing to do before entering, after payment is made, is please remove your shoes. Who knows you may have stepped on a “Kaw Sai” outside that can breed diseases inside the place. You can spend as long as you can inside the place. But surely you will not be able to spend even a few hours. Nevertheless, it’s worth visiting if you are a social media craze that must update your status, or else you may feel sickly without updating for a day or two.

The sure things..the staffs manage the place are helpful and friendly.

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