One fine day, while I was driving, a squeaking sound buzzed up from the engine bonnet. I was trying to figure out and check what was wrong but could not locate it as I have no experience of having this kind of problem until I drove it to the repair centre.

The most common cause of a squeaking noise is the timing belt. The belt is located on the engine block and connects to the crankshaft. If it is loose or worn, it may cause a squeaking or grinding noise when the engine runs. Nevertheless for this four-wheel drive Toyota Hilux, its timing belt is secured and need to open it up, which I won’t do myself.

Timing Belt & related parts

Another common cause of a squeaking noise is an alternator belt. This belt connects to the alternator and provides power for your car’s electrical system. If this belt becomes loose or worn, it may make a squeaking sound when you start your car.

No charging in your vehicle could be caused by either an alternator or timing belt problem. The best way to figure out which one it is to have your battery tested at an auto parts store and then take it to an auto repair shop for further diagnosis and repair.

First I drove to the Toyota Service Centre as early as 5.30 am in the morning to avoid the road jam. Furthermore, there was no charging going to the battery which worries me in case it breaks down mid-way to the garage.

The Toyota Service Centre managed to detect the squeaking sound which it was not linked to the timing belt but the alternator. The Centre changed the timing belt but not doing anything to the alternator so I need to find another auto vehicle electrical part repair that specialized in doing vehicle alternators.

Hilux Alternator

The Charges details for the timing belt;

  • Seal – Type T Oil
  • Timing Tensioner
  • Timing belts
  • Idler Timing Bearing
  • Timing chain or belt – this was charged under others which I have no idea what it is.
    • TOTAL CHARGES: RM1131.60

The Charges details for repairing the Alternator ;

  • Labour cost for checking charging system, dissemble, servicing, testing and reassembling 12V alternator
  • Pulley Clutch
  • Carbon Brush
  • Belting
    • TOTAL CHARGES RM650.00

Odo Meter reading when the Alternator got faulty & Changing of Time Belt: 281,659 km

Changing for the first time at 281,659 kilometres. They have over-run their estimated lifetime

Which Part of the parts produced the squeaking? below here are the images.

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