Preparing a barbeque catfish can be more than just cooking it. It’s also about grilling it, seasoning it and using the right kind of sauce. The techniques of barbequing in different regions vary slightly as well.

In the Philippines, for example, meat is cooked on a small grill called “bakya” before being dipped into a mixture of vinegar and water called “sinamak” or then seasoned with salt and pepper before being grilled again on an open fire. In Malaysia, however, the fish is usually grilled after being dressed with either soy sauce or teriyaki sauce first then slathered with barbecue sauce while still hot from grilling. In Canada, the fish is deep-fried and coated with flour and often served with tartar sauce. The ingredients in sauces used to dress a fish vary by region. Ingredients used include soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, tomato sauce, mayonnaise or other sauces. In some regions such as the United States and Canada, tartar sauce is also sometimes used as a dressing on fried fish. And in England and America, some people like to barbecue catfish by rubbing it with butter first before dipping it in ketchup-based barbecue sauces and then placing them over a hot grill.

BBQ Catfish

Barbecue catfish activities plus some beers are among the famous leisure time for many people in Sarawak, especially the local’s guys.

Most of the catfish come from ponds instead of rivers as it was some thirty or fifty years ago. In fact, most of the rivers in the state are now polluted by farming chemicals and other large-scale commercial activities that have effectively killed the water creatures. – the fish, snails and even aquatic plants for miles downstream. To try to combat this problem, some farmers have created “fish-rearing ponds” in their fields which provide a healthy environment for catfish to thrive and grow while they free up the rivers by slowly filtering out all of the pollutants that are slowly killing them.

BBQ & the Catfish

Nevertheless, catfish is still available in large quantities from ponds but you would not find the same taste as it was in 30 or 50 years ago. Catfish from the pond are fed with chemicals (fertilizer) whereas those from the river are fed naturally with whatever nature can give them.

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