Battling Phone Call Scams: Urgent Measures Needed to Safeguard Malaysians

In recent times, the scourge of phone call scams has reached alarming levels in Malaysia. Countless individuals have fallen victim to cunning schemes, losing substantial sums of money ranging from a few thousand ringgit to even millions. These scams have not only caused financial turmoil but also eroded trust within society. It’s high time that authorities address this issue as a top priority, taking substantial actions to protect citizens and restore their confidence.

The Escalating Threat

Phone call scams have become a major concern for Malaysians from all walks of life. Fraudsters have mastered the art of manipulation, employing a range of tactics to deceive unsuspecting victims. The scams vary widely, encompassing fraudulent tax claims, parcel delivery ruses, bogus income schemes, and even fictitious offers related to popular platforms like YouTube and e-commerce portals. As victims’ losses mount, it is clear that decisive action is needed to curtail these activities.

A Multi-Faceted Solution

The gravity of the situation necessitates a comprehensive approach to tackling phone call scams. Here are a few vital measures that must be implemented:

  1. Stringent Registration Protocols: The registration of new phone numbers should involve thorough vetting processes, including the submission of necessary supporting documents. Phone companies must be diligent in verifying the authenticity of their customers, ensuring that they have a legitimate reason for acquiring a new number.
  2. Accountability for Service Providers: Phone companies and internet service providers are crucial in facilitating communication. It is imperative that they prioritize customer safety by offering services only to individuals with proper documentation. Failure to comply with this requirement should lead to substantial fines, encouraging these companies to uphold their responsibilities.
  3. Ban on Unregistered Call Equipment: The use of machine-operated calling equipment that employs unregistered numbers should be banned outright. Anyone found using such equipment should face heavy fines and legal repercussions. This measure would significantly curb the ability of scammers to hide behind untraceable numbers.
  4. Empowered Enforcement Agencies: The police force and other enforcement agencies are at the forefront of combating phone call scams. To make reporting easier for victims, these agencies should establish online platforms where individuals can file complaints. This move would address the inconvenience of visiting police stations, encouraging greater cooperation from the public.

Personal Testimonies: The Reality of Scam Encounters

As a testament to the rampant nature of these scams, the writer of this blog has had numerous encounters with fraudulent calls and messages. Some of the numbers used for these deceitful communications include:

  • 018-9547798
  • 017-4575804
  • 011-63719677 (purportedly related to Celcom)
  • 018-5081356 (allegedly tied to J&T postal)
  • 013-8358287 (supposedly linked to Lembaga Hasil, the tax agency)
  • 011-2751669
  • 011-11749201 (claimed to be associated with YouTube clicks)

A Call to Action

The growing threat of phone call scams in Malaysia is not just a financial concern; it’s an issue of trust, security, and the overall well-being of the nation’s citizens. Urgent and cohesive action is required from relevant authorities to curb these scams effectively. By implementing stringent registration processes, holding service providers accountable, banning unregistered call equipment, and empowering enforcement agencies with online complaint mechanisms, Malaysia can take a significant step toward eradicating phone call scams and restoring confidence in its digital landscape.

It’s time to unite against this menace and safeguard the hard-earned money and trust of Malaysians. The battle against phone call scams requires the collaboration of citizens, authorities, and businesses alike. Let us strive for a future where Malaysians can answer their phones without fear and scepticism, knowing they are protected against scams that threaten their financial security and peace of mind.

Below here is one of the scammer’s scripted communication.

20/05/2023, 20:41 – Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of this chat, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them. Tap to learn more.

20/05/2023, 20:41 – Scammer 2: Hello, my name is  Isabella and I am a Human Resources Recruiter with Linkedin. I have an opportunity for you to get more income.

Do you interesting on part time job?

20/05/2023, 21:15 – Scammer 2: hello are you interested?

20/05/2023, 21:16 – BR: Good challenging job?

20/05/2023, 21:16 – Scammer 2: yes of course 

20/05/2023, 21:16 – Scammer 2: are you interested?

20/05/2023, 21:18 – BR: Not sure, depend on the job.

20/05/2023, 21:18 – Scammer 2: Our company is an advertising media company. Due to the large number of views YouTube has requested in recent years, we need more people to join as soon as possible. The main job is to focus on YouTube subscriptions to increase the popularity.      

We will post some related YouTube follow-up tasks according to the company’s requirements.

20/05/2023, 21:18 – Scammer 2: All you need to do is to become a subscriber to the YouTube merchant and then you will be rewarded with RM10 per task.

20/05/2023, 21:18 – Scammer 2: If you are interested in learning more about our company’s business, I now have three tasks. You can get RM30 when you finish them, and it only takes 3-5 minutes.             

20/05/2023, 21:20 – BR: Is it not this way is an unfair practice?

20/05/2023, 21:20 – Scammer 2: want to try to get more income?

20/05/2023, 21:20 – Scammer 2: No, of course not

20/05/2023, 21:22 – BR: Is it legal?

20/05/2023, 21:22 – Scammer 2: yes 

20/05/2023, 21:22 – Scammer 2: interested?

20/05/2023, 21:23 – BR: I dont know you or your company..can you introduce yourself further?

20/05/2023, 21:24 – Scammer 2: Hello, my name is  Isabella and I am a Human Resources Recruiter with Linkedin.

20/05/2023, 21:25 – BR: Where is your linkedin office?

20/05/2023, 21:26 – BR: I really need extra income

20/05/2023, 21:27 – Scammer 2: ok so do you want to try?

20/05/2023, 21:27 – BR: Yes, of course but give me your office address first

20/05/2023, 21:28 – Scammer 2: KL, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, 50600, MY

20/05/2023, 21:28 – BR: KL is so big.

20/05/2023, 21:28 – Scammer 2: This is our office address

20/05/2023, 21:28 – Scammer 2:

20/05/2023, 21:31 – BR: Give me the address..monday i can meet up with you. I stay in shah alam

20/05/2023, 21:32 – BR: I want to meet up because i really need side income

20/05/2023, 21:34 – BR: no (censored), Jalan Pulau Angsa U10/32G, Bandar Nusa Rhu, Seksyen U10, Shah Alam

40170 Selangor

20/05/2023, 21:34 – BR: This my address

20/05/2023, 21:36 – Scammer 2: this part time job don’t meet each other cause it a part time online.

20/05/2023, 21:37 – BR: Then how? All online?

20/05/2023, 21:39 – Scammer 2: yes

20/05/2023, 21:39 – Scammer 2: Interested?

20/05/2023, 21:39 – BR: Ok then, let start…

20/05/2023, 21:41 – Scammer 2: Task 1: Open YouTube APP, search [KFCArabia], click subscribe, and screenshot to me after successful subscription.

20/05/2023, 21:46 – BR: IMG-20230520-WA0093.jpg (file attached)

20/05/2023, 21:48 – Scammer 2: Task 2: Open YouTube APP, search [BLACKPINK], click subscribe, and screenshot to me after successful subscription.

20/05/2023, 21:49 – BR: IMG-20230520-WA0094.jpg (file attached)

20/05/2023, 21:50 – Scammer 2: Task 3: Open YouTube APP, search for [Street Foodie], click subscribe, and take a screenshot to show me after successful subscription.

20/05/2023, 21:52 – BR: IMG-20230520-WA0095.jpg (file attached)

20/05/2023, 21:52 – Scammer 2: Congratulations on completing your three subscriptions, please fill in the information and the company’s finance department will pay you RM30.


Bank account number:

Bank Name:




20/05/2023, 21:58 – BR: Sarwaki Gunet, Bank Hapoalim

IL620108000000022316787, age 24, gender Male, Free lance Investigator.

20/05/2023, 22:00 – BR: If you cant transfer, you transfer using paypal.

20/05/2023, 22:01 – Scammer 2: no only bank account

20/05/2023, 22:02 – BR: Have you transfer the money?

20/05/2023, 22:04 – BR: IMG-20230520-WA0101.jpg (file attached)

Below here are some of the Youtube channels that the scammer asks the writer to click

By clicking the “Subscribe” button, you are to be paid into your bank account at RM15.00 per channel. This is purportedly to hook you to provide more personal details about yourself. If you have “gotten drunk” with their sweet promises…that is the time your account will get hacked.

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