Auto gate sometime faces certain types of issues. The different gates might face different kinds of issues. If your auto-gate can open and close by itself could mean something might have gone wrong. However, nothing to do with any ghost story.

Possible issue or fault :

  1. the technical issue on its an electronic circuit.
  2. Short circuit
  3. Expired battery (if it is a DC AC type).
  4. Circuit failure if it has been exposed to harsh weather.
  5. or Lizard running inside the box.

I have seen my neighbours’ auto gate sometimes open up by itself and sometimes it closed by itself as well. I was just wondering until it happened to my own auto gate. It baffled me at first. It took me several hours to figure out why it can open up by itself and soon after, it was not functioning.

When I open up the control box, I smelt some dead creatures and true enough… after I unscrew the circuit board, I saw a dead lizard underneath the circuit board. I believed when the lizard was still alive, it moved inside the circuit board and touches some naked connection and triggered the system to operate. However, after a while, the DC power is strong enough to short-circuit and kill the small reptile underneath the circuit board. After a period of time, the liquid from the reptile’s body certainly caused some minor short circuits in the system. This can cause the failure of the system.

After I have removed the lizard dead body, immediately the system can function normally.

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